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Why Choose Sign Language Australia?
Our aim is to bridge the cultural and language barrier between the Deaf and hearing community through professional, inclusive and culturally appropriate training programs.

All Sign Language Australia (SLA) teaching staff are Deaf, with a lifetime of experience in the Deaf Culture, Community and authentic Australian Sign Language (Auslan) knowledge.

We offer both language and cultural training programs for Deaf and hearing individuals, families and community or corporate groups. Our language programs have been researched and developed by a PhD qualified researcher in applied linguistics (Auslan and second language teaching).

In the spirit of Deaf independence, our business is owned and operated by Deaf people and our aim is to improve the lives of our fellow Deaf Australians by sharing our language and culture with all Australians.

What We Offer

Other Programs

NDIS Services

Let us bring Auslan to your doorstep, for family and friends of Deaf or hard of hearing babies, children, teens or adults. Language barriers can...


Several types of mentor programs can be developed depending on the desired outcomes. These can include: Deaf Life Skills Mentoring and...

NDIS Support Plan

As we have lived Deaf experience, Sign Language Australia is able to assist NDIS participants with Deaf life plan supports.

Auslan at Home for Families

Learning Auslan in your home allows NDIS participants and their families to have a relaxed and familiar learning environment.

Excellent Courses/Tuition/Workshops

Only the Best


These courses, tuitions and workshops will help improve your language knowledge, also receive receptive practice to build your conversational vocabulary and dialogues.
Auslan Courses - Foundation level, Levels 1, 2, & 3
$15per hour
Course fee:

2 hrs X 5 weeks $156

Auslan Courses - Foundation level, Level 1, 2 & 3
$13per hour
Concession fee:

2 hrs X 5 weeks $136

One-to-one or small group tuition
$45per hour
Tuition fee:

$45 per hour

Auslan Workshops with Barry
$5per hour
Workshop fee: