Sign Language Australia Mission

Fostering an inclusive Australia for people who are Deaf or hard of hearing.

Sign Language Australia Vision

An Australia that values and respects Deaf people, Deaf Communities, Deaf culture and people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Sign Language Australia Values


Sign language Australia uphold the highest standards of integrity. Through our work, we will respect customer and participants right to privacy and high-quality program delivery.


We value and respect the people that we support and represent including:

  • Upholding the values and rights of Deaf people and Deaf Communities.
  • Respecting the identity that people choose be it Deaf, hard of hearing or hearing.
  • Respecting differences including culture, religion and ethnicity.
  • Ensuring Auslan is taught in a way the upholds the wishes and requirements of the Deaf community.

Quality training & education

Our programs will meet the highest standard of delivery through:

  • The use of certified and qualified and experienced professionals who provide relevant and accurate knowledge and training.
  • Our trainers are Deaf and bring with them a wealth of experience garnered through professional and lived experience.
  • Regular reviews and feedback to trainers to ensure continuous development of skills and knowledge.
  • Regular reviews and updates of training programs, materials and resources (including human resources).
  • Receiving and implementing feedback from participants.


Sign Language Australia is personally accountable for the delivery of all agreed outcomes for programs.

 Equity and Access

Sign Language Australia will practice the highest principles of access and equity possible by:

  • Providing equal weight to qualifications, life experience and prior learning in selecting our trainers.
  • Supporting our trainers in skills development.
  • Meeting the access requirements, including alternative training delivery, to the highest level we can within our financial capabilities.
  • Where access requirements are beyond our resource capabilities Sign language Australia will attempt to source other supports through mainstream services.
  • We will strive to provide language development access to families of Deaf or hard of hearing babies to ensure maximum language.

Community Responsibility

Sign language Australia Commitment – For each Sign Language Australia bookings, we will invest 5% of profits to the SLA Foundation. The foundation aims to provide support to:

  • young people who are Deaf or hard of hearing
  • families of children who are Deaf or hard of hearing

to foster their continued well-being, development and community participation.