Auslan Workshops/Camps

Workshops are offered once a month on the 3rd Friday night, to support Auslan conversation practice in social setting with native or native-like Auslan signers. Where to meet: The Seven Star hotel, 187 Angas Street, Adelaide.

Workshops Start Dates Levels
Friday Evenings (6:30 pm – 8:30 pm) 19th January

16th February

16th March

20th April

18th May

15th June

20th July

17th August

21st September

19th October

16th November

21st December



Those who have studied SLA Level 3 or studied at TAFESA or School of Languages, are welcome to join us.

This is a ‘total immersion’ weekend in the Auslan language, incorporating culturally rich interactions.

Participants will be delighted with improvements in fluency as a direct outcome of attendance.

Totally Auslan Weekend Camp is full of Auslan lessons and activities for Auslan learners who would like to undergo an intensive and practical experience in which Auslan is used in real situations and embraces Deaf Culture.

Participants are encouraged to use Auslan at all times during our two days together, i.e. voices off.

When: TBA soon.